Pop Done Right! Kim Petras Continues Her Hot Streak With Three New Bangers

Mike Nied | February 6, 2019 11:15 pm

Kim Petras has the golden touch when it comes to pop, and it really shows. From “Heart To Break” and “Unlock It” to TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1 and “Feeling Of Falling,” the 26-year-old has yet to release a bad song. And her impressive track record continues today (February 6) with the unveiling of three more anthems: “1,2,3 dayz up,” “Homework” and “If U Think About Me…” Her latest releases close out the era she began with Paris Hilton-approved breakout hit “I Don’t Want It At All” back in 2017. And they are as predictably perfect as anything else the impeccable pop princess has touched. The first sees her link up with SOPHIE for an ode to chasing away loneliness in the midst of a party.

“Oh no, I get lonely when I’m solo,” Kim laments. Her answer to that problem? Never stopping. The bop also includes the following line: “I haven’t partied enough. I wanna party with Jesus.” Girl, same. Next up is “Homework,” which features a reunion with “Faded” collaborator lil aaron. This may be the closest the “Can’t Do Better” hitmaker has yet to come to a pop ballad. Over a stripped back production, she regrets leaving behind a childhood friend to pursue her career. “While I’m away in LA getting paid, just know I’ll never, I’ll never forget that,” she vows. Later, she longs for simpler times and a chance to re-do the end of their relationship. “And sometimes I want it back. Been so busy counting stacks,” she admits.

“Remember how we left off. Looking back that really sucks. I know I said ‘I would call.'” It’s a shockingly earnest moment that highlights the changes in her life over the last few years. Meanwhile, “If U Think About Me…” is a personal favorite out of the bunch. This one is a shimmering anthem that highlights her crystalline vocals. It also includes a fun riff on her signature “woo-ah,” which makes for a moment of utter brilliance. With any luck, any of the three songs will be the one to help her break onto the Billboard Hot 100. Either way, they are sure to be prominently featured on the setlist for her upcoming, sold-out shows in NYC and LA.

Start familiarizing yourself with them below!

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