They’re Up To Something! Selena Gomez Rocks Benny Blanco Merch

Mike Wass | February 18, 2019 11:59 am

UPDATE: Something is officially up. Selena Gomez shared a behind the scenes photo from what looks like a video shoot on her Instagram story. The pic appears to confirm she’s part of another star-studded collab with Benny Blanco, J Balvin and Tainy. Check out the evidence below!

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Back in January, I wondered aloud if Selena Gomez has been in the studio with Benny Blanco after the super-producer commented on one of her Instagram pics. And then nothing happened for a month. Well, it looks like I might have been right after all. Yesterday (February 12), a stylist tagged the pop star and “Eastside” hitmaker on what appears to be a video shoot. Selena was also snapped wearing Benny Blanco merchandise. (Friends Keep Secrets is the name of his debut album).

What does it all mean? I suspect Revival queen is featured on the producer’s next release. He has released a string of bangers in the wake of “Eastside,” but the success of his debut single thwarted their chart prospects. With that slow-burn hit finally running its course, it would be a pretty good time to unleash another pop radio-conquering bop. On the other hand, he might have produced the lead single for the quasi-mythological SG2. In that case, it just seems a little extra to tag him on the video shoot.

See the evidence of an upcoming collaboration below and stay tuned for an official confirmation.

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