MNEK Joins Forces With Years & Years On New Banger “Valentino”

Mike Nied | February 14, 2019 11:26 am

Love sucks, but friendship is forever. And friends will always be there to help pick up the pieces of a broken heart. That’s exactly what Years & Years’ Olly Alexander and MNEK do in the video for their newly released single – “Valentino.” Out just in time for Valentine’s Day, the flamenco-inspired bop is all about being caught up in a toxic relationship. “I didn’t know when I met Valentino, I was giving over control of me. Now I’m stuck in his melody,” Olly laments on the chorus. The Language crooner shares a similar sentiment. “He knew what to say to sweep me off my feet. I should’ve never heard a word he said to me.” Hello, relatable content.

Olly opened up about working on the song with Uzo (MNEK’s real name) in a press release. “Uzo and I were inspired to write a song about the many fuck boys who have done us dirty. I’m lucky to have a friend like Uzo – somebody I talk to when I’m upset about a boy and working together was basically an extension of us hanging out,” he said. The “Sanctify” hitmaker also celebrated the duet for being about gay relationships. “I hope the lyrics connect with people regardless of their sexuality – we all know a Valentino! – but I am so proud of this song for how unashamedly gay it is. Two men singing about a boy is still disappointingly uncommon so it makes me very happy to be putting this song out with MNEK.”

MNEK mirrored those feelings. “Olly has become a really good friend of mine, so I had the best time not only producing this record but also writing and singing it with him.” The “Girlfriend” artist also offered some insight into the quick turnaround time on the release. “He texted me a few days ago saying, ‘we need to put Valentino out on Valentine’s Day’ so of course I said, ‘let’s go!'” Give the song a listen below and check out the video here!

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