Marina Announces New Album ‘LOVE + FEAR’ & Unveils Tour Dates

Mike Nied | February 14, 2019 12:41 pm

This time last week, we were preparing for Marina to stage an epic return with the unveiling of “Handmade Heaven.” Thankfully (but unsurprisingly) the ballad more than lived up to expectations. Lush and poetic, it served as the perfect reintroduction to the beloved pop goddess. But it is only a preview of what is on the way. Today (February 14), things got even more exciting as the “Baby” vocalist shared more information about her fourth LP, LOVE + FEAR. After encouraging fans to keep an eye on her social media accounts, she opened up the floodgates. In the process, she confirmed an April 26 release date and revealed the dual album covers. Yes, you read that right. The project is a two-parter.

“Two 8 track collections that form a set,” Marina explained. It makes me think the two halves will delve into different emotions, which the diva previously alluded to on Twitter. “When people hear the first song they’ll probably think ‘Oh, I think I know what this album is gonna sound like,’” she mused. “But they have noooooo idea.” Tell us more, Queen! That’s not all though. There is a tour on the way, too. The hitmaker revealed dates for UK and North American legs and teased that other countries should also expect a visit. Tickets will be available for pre-order by February 21. Check out all the information below!

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