Self-Sabotage Is The Theme Of CXLOE’s “I Can’t Have Nice Things”

Mike Wass | March 12, 2019 12:07 am
CXLOE Transforms 'Show You'
The rising Aussie pop star transforms 'Show You' into a soaring ballad.

EDIT: The post has been updated with the sleek video, which finds CXLOE multiplying.

CXLOE is shaping up to be one of the breakout artists of 2019. The Aussie pop star caught everyone’s attention with last year’s excellent “Show You,” but she takes it to the next level on “I Can’t Have Nice Things.” Produced by Oskar Sikow & Andrew Wells (with a little help from human hit-machine J Kash), this is a very literal ode to self-sabotage. “When I was younger, I was never given precious or breakable items as I would always end up dropping or damaging them,” she reveals in the press release. “This has transferred into all elements of my adult life.”

“Relationships, family, friends, career. I always seem to find a way to sabotage things in my life that usually mean the most to me,” CXLOE continues. “Through this, I quickly learned the very valuable lesson that I simply can’t have nice things.” While that might sound a little dark, the song is anything but. Even when she’s indulging in musical therapy, it’s never heavy-handed. Instead, CXLOE gives us a multi-layered, annoyingly relatable synth-pop anthem with real bite. Listen the future hit below.

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