New Find: 12AM Serves Late-Night R&B On The Smooth “Can’t Love”

Mike Wass | February 15, 2019 5:12 pm
Tyla Yaweh's 'She Bad'
The rising star has a hit on his hands with the MJ-referencing 'She Bad.'

With support from OVO Sound Radio and Beats 1, 12AM has been singled out as one of R&B’s hottest new talents. The buzz around the 24-year-old will only get louder in the wake of “Can’t Love.” The year’s least romantic Valentine’s Day release premiered on Complex yesterday and has a dark underbelly that belies its smooth, late-night vibe. “[It’s] about engaging in a toxic relationship knowingly, and loving that person eternally through it, even at ones’ moral expense,” the Toronto native explains. “We’ve all had relationships we have to end despite our heart telling us otherwise.”

If the subject matter sounds heavy, wait until you see the gritty, Mannakin-directed video. The shadowy clip finds 12AM at the mercy of his girlfriend (played by Sophia Savage). It turns out, she’s sick of their current dynamic and can only think of one way out. Unfortunately, it’s a permanent solution. If you like angelic vocals with moody production (courtesy of Always Never), “Can’t Talk” is a must-hear. Watch the graphic video below and stay tuned for the rising star’s next step towards superstardom.

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