These Top Artists Got Their Start As Backup Singers

Nadine Blanco | February 15, 2019 5:03 pm

Every great career has to start off somewhere and for these artists and musicians, it started in the background. From Katy Perry to Luther Vandross, some of the most successful solo acts have started out as supporting vocalists for other artists. Working as a backup singer is honestly a pretty good gig. You get paid for your talents and sometimes backup singers even get to go on tour with bigger acts. But as it would turn out, these backup singers’ contributions would be the stepping stones into some pretty phenomenal careers.

Katy Perry

Sam Bolton/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Sam Bolton/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Katy Perry was once seen providing vocals for the Christian nu-metal band POD back in 2005. She sang on their track, “Goodbye For Now,” even appearing in the music video and with the band live on Jay Leno’s talk show. This doesn’t seem out of Perry’s league since she did start out in Christian music.

In 2015 however, POD said it was disrespectful to call her a “back-up” singer. They told Rolling Stone, “We invited her to participate in our record as she was and is still one of the few pop artists with strong musicianship roots.”