Wallows Lighten Up On The Witty, Highly Quotable “Scrawny”

Mike Wass | February 19, 2019 3:02 pm
Wallows Interview
We speak to the rising indie-pop band about their debut LP & 'Spring' EP.

Rising alt-rock trio Wallows has carved out something of a niche with their melancholy-soaked, contemplative tunes. The guys show a lighter side, however, on “Scrawny” — the latest buzz track from their much-anticipated debut LP, Nothing Happens (due March 22). “There’s a lot of sort of introspective moments in the album and you know that’s cool and everything but we were like we need something light,” Dylan Minnette tells Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “Like something that is borderline funny… we really just wanted a light hearted song.”

The LA-based breakout band achieves that by boasting about their slight stature. “I’m a scrawny motherfucker with a cool hairstyle,” is one of the more original boasts I’ve heard in a while. Wallows also opens up the direction of Nothing Happens. “The over-arcing narrative is about loss of innocence,” Dylan explains. “It’s a very common theme, but that’s something we’re going through, and we’re adults now and moving further into adulthood.” Check out the full interview here and listen to “Scrawny” below.

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