How Atlanta Has Become A Musical Influence

While it might now be known as a musical hotspot, the city of Atlanta has a history of trying to prove its worth. The city struggled to book rock acts during the seventies until The Sex Pistols had their first US gig there.

Local music, such as homegrown trap, has since helped the Peach State earn musical recognition. But how has Atlanta grown from its humble roots to the epicenter of modern music?

No matter the genre, these Atlanta acts want to prove that the south is always worth listening to.

Atlanta Played A Major Role In Launching Country’s Earliest Artists


The city launched country music’s earliest artists in the twenties. People like Fiddlin’ John Carson had to come to work in cotton mills and he brought his music with him. He would remain a recording icon for two decades, eventually recording what’s considered to be the first country music song featuring vocals and lyrics.

Today, Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, and the Zach Brown Band have emerged as the faces of country music.