Sara Bareilles Announces ‘Amidst The Chaos,’ Rolls Out New Single “Fire”

Mike Wass | February 20, 2019 3:57 pm
Sara's 'Armor' Video
Sara Bareilles adds her voice to the protest with the powerful 'Armor' video.

Edit: The post has been updated with the video for “Fire.” Watch below.

After dedicating a good chunk of time to writing the music for hit Broadway musical Waitress, Sara Bareilles has returned her focus to original fare. Amidst The Chaos, the singer/songwriter’s first pop album since 2013, arrives on April 5. She introduced the opus with “Armor,” a protest song that finds Sara adding her voice to the growing chorus of powerful women demanding change. The “Brave” hitmaker now returns to more familiar territory (i.e. matters of the heart) on new single, “Fire.”

“We were never gonna catch fire, we’d have burned up in the flames,” Sara sings of a short-lived relationship on the chorus. “Long before they ever rose up higher.” It might sound a little bleak, but she hasn’t let go of her faith in (non-fucked up) love. “Someday, I won’t have to feel the cold, but I do now,” she reasons, “So I’ll know what it feels like when I feel fire.” See the full tracklist of Amidst The Chaos (please note the John Legend duet) and listen to gut-wrenching and exhaustingly relatable “Fire” below.

Sara Bareilles’ Amidst The Chaos tracklist:

1. Fire

2. No Such Thing

3. Armor

4. If I Can’t Have You

5. Eyes On You

6. Miss Simone

7. Wicked Love

8. Orpheus

9. Poetry By Dead Men

10. Someone Who Loves Me

11. Saint Honesty

12. A Safe Place To Land feat. John Legend

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