Grace VanderWaal Contemplates Growing Older On New Single “Stray”

Mike Nied | February 22, 2019 12:30 am

It has been nearly a year since Grace VanderWaal last dropped new music. That’s not to say the America’s Got Talent winner hasn’t been keeping busy. She spent part of 2018 gearing up to make her acting debut with a lead role in Disney’s Stargirl and another part touring North America with Imagine Dragons. However, she is making up for her time outside of the recording studio with the unveiling of her new single “Stray.” Out today (February 22), it sees her reflect on the reality of growing up and leaving behind the past with a wisdom far beyond her age. “I wanna feel the way I used to. I wanna move the way I used to groove,” the 15-year-old declares over production from Greg Wells.

In a heartfelt letter to her fans, Grace explained that the song came after a period of feeling “empty” following her time on the road and on set for Stargirl. “I was quickly thrown into a hungry awareness of the fact that every second I live, passes just as quickly as it came. Every memory, breath, step is only once,” she explained. However, she added that returning to music helped her process those feelings. “‘Stray’ is close to me, not just because it’s the restart of my continuing path, but because it explains the exhilarating fear and freedom of growing up,” the “Moonlight” singer wrote. The swelling anthem is instantly relatable and sounds like it could very well become a big hit in the coming months.

Keep an eye on this post because we’ll update it with the official video when it premieres in the morning. In the meantime, give the single a listen below!

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