Adam Lambert Delivers A Stunning Live Version Of “Feel Something”

Mike Wass | February 27, 2019 12:49 pm
Adam Lambert's 'Feel Something'
The Glamorous One returns with a deeply emotional new song called 'Feel Something.'

It has been a banner week for Adam Lambert. The pop/rocker returned to the music scene on February 22 with a new song called “Feel Something” and then opened the Oscars as the honorary frontman of legendary rock group Queen. If that’s not enough to keep the Glamberts fed, the 37-year-old just rolled out a live video for his emotional comeback track. Our bearded hero shows off the full range of his golden voice, harmonizing with four backup singers and then pulling the vocal trigger towards the end. It has a gospel quality that is utterly transcendent.

While Adam was quick to point out that “Feel Something” isn’t the lead single from his new album, it is the “emotional starting point.” He elaborated in a statement to fans. “Between frustrations with my career and many lost connections, I felt numb and though I wanted to fall in love, I knew I wasn’t ready,” the “Ghost Town” hitmaker reveals. “That’s what inspired me to cry out, ‘I don’t need to feel love, I just want to feel something!’ It was in this realization that I took my first step toward self-care and nursing my spirit back to health.”

Watch the stunning live video up top.

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