Marina Picks Up The Tempo With New Single “Superstar”

Mike Wass | March 1, 2019 12:04 am
Marina's Unveils 'LOVE + FEAR'
The British pop star has unveiled the cover & tracklist of 4th LP, 'LOVE + FEAR.'

Marina returned to the pop scene earlier this month with a lush electro-lullaby called “Handmade Heaven.” It served as more of re-introduction than a lead single, a fact the Brit acknowledged on Twitter. “When people hear the first song they’ll probably think ‘Oh, I think I know what this album is gonna sound like,'” the “I’m A Ruin” singer mused. “But they have noooooo idea.” Of course, she was correct. Marina now rolls out “Superstar” as the next taste of LOVE + FEAR (due April 26) and it’s an entirely different proposition.

The 33-year-old picks up the tempo on “Superstar.” Produced by Sam De Jong and Captain Cuts, the loved-up anthem straddles the hook-filled electro of Elektra Heart and lyrical serenity of “Handmade Heaven.” Which turns out to be a very good thing. “Before I met you I pushed them all away,” Marina begins the bop. “Soon as I kissed you I wanted you to stay.” The chorus is even gushier. “I love the way we work so hard, (yeah) we’ve come so far — baby, look at me, you’re my superstar.” Listen below.

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