Robyn Reunites With Kindness On Electro-Anthem “Cry Everything”

Mike Wass | March 7, 2019 5:42 pm
Robyn Drops 'Honey'
The Swedish pop star stuns with the title track of her comeback album.

Robyn reunites with Kindness on a new track called “Cry Everything.” Of course, they previously collaborated on 2015’s “Who Do You Love?” and worked together on Honey highlight, “Send To Robin Immediately.” The hazy, atmospheric anthems give you some idea of what to expect. “Cry Everything” unfolds over loose, sprawling electronica that evokes an emotional response instead of beating you over the head with hooks and a drop. It turns out, the track has been gestating for quite some time.

“[It’s] a song myself and Robyn started together in 2014, and both of us have grown, cried, experienced joy and heaviness in that time,” Kindness explains in a note to fans on Twitter. “In a bittersweet way, I think only the current version of me could have finished this song, and that it’s a message of tenderness and understanding to a former self.” There is certainly comes through in lyrics. It’s always nice to have something new from Robyn even if she’s not officially credited on the song. Take a listen below.

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