Daya Reinvents Herself With Ruthlessly Catchy “Insomnia”

Mike Wass | March 8, 2019 12:01 am
Daya Interview
We speak to the breakout star about coming out & her sophomore LP.

After taking a little break to find herself, Daya returns with her catchiest single to date. (Yes, even catchier than “Hide Away”). Co-written with J Kash and Michael Pollack, the Oscar Görres-produced banger is an explosive electro-pop anthem with the kind of chorus that lodges in your brain after the first listen. “I keep on hoping to find you, reaching in between the sheets,” the 20-year-old sings over a smattering of synths and plucked guitar, “Baby, it’s only been one night, feel like it’s been like a week.”

That’s when the song kicks into high gear. “Insomnia — ’cause I can’t sleep without you,” Daya laments on the hook-filled chorus. “No, I don’t want to dream about you, wish I had my arms wrapped around you — insomnia.” The “Sit Still, Look Pretty” hitmaker wasn’t lying when she said her sophomore is full of surprises. “I would say it’s definitely more experimental than my first album,” she told me last year. “It’s definitely more in line with what I want to sound like sonically.” Listen to the future hit below.

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