New Find: Delacey Makes An Auspicious Debut With “My Man”

Mike Wass | April 30, 2019 11:55 am
New Find: 12AM's 'Can't Love'
The rising R&B singer makes a great impression with the moody 'Can't Love.'

EDIT: This post has been updated with the lavish video, which was filmed high on the cliff sides of Topanga, California.

After penning hits for artists like Halsey (“Without Me”) and Demi Lovato (“Ruin The Friendship”), Delacey decided it was time to unleash one of her own. The singer/songwriter — real name Brittany Amaradio — launches her artist project with the silky smooth “My Man.” In some ways, the jazz-tinged tune can be seen as a modern-day “Jolene.” Like Dolly Parton, Delacey finds herself pleading with The Other Woman. “Bitch, don’t steal my man, he’s got a weakness for girls like you,” she implores. “We both know you can, but I really need him more than you.”

And, refreshingly, Delacey doesn’t resort to tearing down another woman. Instead, she builds her up. “You’re a supermodel, shaped just like a bottle, he could run his fingers through your hair,” the newcomer admits. “I bet you’re a good time, but don’t you know he’s mine.” It’s a familiar scenario, but “My Man” stands out thanks to the Delacey’s velvety vocals, lyrical prowess and less-is-more approach to production. The song focuses on mood and atmosphere to create something unexpectedly timeless. Watch the Jessie Hill-directed video below.

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