UPSAHL Opens Up About The Songs On Her ‘HINDSIGHT 20/20’ EP: Premiere

Mike Nied | March 8, 2019 10:58 am

UPSAHL takes the next step toward sustained stardom with the unveiling of her debut EP HINDSIGHT 20/20. The Phoenix native laid the groundwork by carving out a home on streaming services with a string of very, very good songs. And she hit the jackpot with last year’s “Drugs.” The EP’s tongue-in-cheek lead single is rapidly approaching 600K global streams. It also emphasizes the rising star’s dexterity, musicality and impressive wit, which are on full display on the remainder of the project’s tracklist. After opening with the ’50s-inspired “All My Friends Are Rich,” she toys with a variety of sonic influences. “Stressed” features a brassy instrumental that gives way to an equally driving production, while closer “Fine” offers up something a little more atmospheric and chill.

The hitmaker opened up about how the collection came together in a press release. “I wrote this EP over the course of 2018 and after I moved from Phoenix to LA,” she explained. That move proved to be very inspiring. “I was writing songs every day and learning to be alone while all of my friends went to college and were doing college things. It was my first time away from home. I was discovering so much about myself and my relationships with people in my life that my days writing songs in the studio turned into sort of therapy sessions. I would just spill out whatever was on my mind on any given day.”

That’s not all, though! This week UPSAHL offered us even more information about what went into the creative process behind each of the songs on the tracklist. Give the EP a listen and then dive into her explanations below! You can also check out tour dates and ticket information here so that you can experience the album live in the coming weeks.

1. All My Friends Are Rich

I was ending a session with the rad producer, KillaGraham, and I started talking about being broke and somewhere in the conversation said, “All my friends are rich.” I was literally walking out the door when Graham said that had to be a song title, so we wrote the song in 30 minutes. I feel like everyone can relate to this one in some way.

2. Stressed

I wrote this one the day before I was leaving to go to Europe for writing sessions. I had never travelled internationally, and I was terrified to do it alone. This song is basically just me losing my mind on the days leading up to the trip – haha!

3. Drugs

“Drugs” is about meeting fake ass people at fake ass parties and having fake ass conversations. “I just came here for the drugs,” is a metaphor for being over all the bullshit that I’ve experienced.


“SMARTY” is an acronym for “Send Me All the Roses That You (want).” On the way to the session I was randomly listening to a bunch of trap music, and was obsessing over the bass lines. That’s kind of how we got the inspiration for the chorus melody, and the lyrics came pretty naturally from there.

5. Fine

I wrote “Fine” about getting out of a relationship and still wishing the best for the other person, even if things ended badly. Once someone becomes a significant part of my life, regardless of what happens, I’ll always care for them, and that’s basically what this song is saying.

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