Robin Thicke Gets Romantic On “That’s What Love Can Do”

Mike Wass | March 11, 2019 5:22 pm

Robin Thicke’s 8th album has been a long time coming. His much-maligned Paula LP dropped way back in 2014 and the crooner has been working on the followup ever since. At one point, the 42-year-old seemed to on the search for another hip-hop/soul, pop-friendly hybrid (after all, “Blurred Lines” went diamond) with the Nicki Minaj-assisted “Back Together” and Nas-featuring “Deep.” He then had a radical change of heart after the sudden passing of his father, actor Alan Thicke.

“I thought I had an album and I had these songs that I wanted to put out, and then when that happened, it was something I wasn’t expecting and it just kind of rattled my soul,” Robin told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “So, I took some time to re-think the album.” The Grammy-nominated singer finally returned in late 2018 with the confessional “Testify,” and now follows it up with a (very soppy) ballad called “That’s What Love Can Do.” Happily, it’s a throwback to the stripped-back sound of his pre-Blurred Lines albums.

“Turn a boy into a good man, make a queen feel like a princess,” Robin croons over tinkling piano keys. “One kiss at the perfect moment, bruises start to heal.” That leads us to the chorus. “Oh, I’ll tell you what you do to me, every day I find something else that makes me believe — ’cause that’s what love can do.” It’s a syrupy sweet love song that never outstays its welcome. Listen below.

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