New Find: Vera Hotsauce Could Be Sweden’s Next Breakout Star

Mike Wass | March 18, 2019 2:06 pm
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The rising R&B singer makes a great impression with the moody 'Can't Love.'

19-year-old Vera Hotsauce blurs the line between pop, hip-hop and club music on catchy new single, “Hey Boy.” In some ways, it’s a throwback to the mid-’00s — a time when artists like Fergie and Gwen Stefani fused genres at will. There are also overtones of Robyn circa “Handle Me,” which is obviously a very good thing. “Hey, I can tell you got an eye for me,” the Swedish newcomer sing/shouts on the chorus over throbbing bass, “but I’m too fancy for your love, you see.” The spoken/rapped post-chorus is even better: “Hit it then I quit it, then I lose myself to the mimic.”

“I wrote ‘Hey Boy’ with the Moving Castle team in LA,” Vera tells Paper magazine. “It was such a fun song to work on because we just played around in the studio and had a blast.” What’s it about? Well, nothing in particular. “I really love this song and I hope it makes people want to party because it’s kind of stupid since it’s not actually about anything, but at the same time it’s extremely entertaining!” the refreshingly honest Swede continues. “It’s just about being foolish and having a great time.”

“Hey Boy” is the first taste of Vera’s upcoming Red Pill mixtape. Listen to your new pop crush below.

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