Julia Michaels Covers ‘Inked,’ Talks Songwriting & Pink

Mike Wass | March 19, 2019 2:10 pm
Julia's Dreamy 'Deep' Video
Julia Michaels unleashes the video for 'Inner Monologue Part 1' gem, 'Deep.'

Julia Michaels lands on the cover of Inked magazine and shows off her amazing body art in the accompanying shoot. The heavily-tattooed hitmaker also opens about songwriting, specifically the difference between writing songs for yourself and for other artists. “When you’re writing for other people you’re putting a little bit of yourself in it, but ultimately it’s what the artist wants,” she reveals. “It’s their thoughts, and it’s their words when it all comes down to it.”

“Being an artist, I can talk about things that I probably wouldn’t talk about unless the artist wanted to talk about it,” Julia continues. “You know, I can talk about anxiety, depression, and heartbreak, and how I deal with it in my own way, on my own terms.” One of the rising star’s many A-list writing partners left a huge impression on her. “I got to write with [Pink] for her last album and got to meet her and talk to her, sit down with her, write with her. It was amazing. She really is who you think she is.”

The “What A Time” singer also opened up about her future goals. “I think maybe in 10 years, I will choose to be more established, be more connected with my fans, make music, write what I want to write about, sing what I wanna sing, and be happy,” Julia muses. “I hope that I don’t lose connections with anybody. I feel like sometimes you’re doing so many things at once that you can sort of become this autopilot of a human. And, that’s something that I definitely want to try to avoid over time.”

Read the full interview and check out more of Julia’s tattoos here.

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