Aaron Carpenter Reveals The Cover Of Debut Single, “Attitude”

Mike Wass | March 19, 2019 6:19 pm

At this point, the road from social media sensation to pop star is fairly well traveled. But that doesn’t make the terrain any less rough. For every Shawn Mendes (Vine) or Troye Sivan (YouTube) that make it, there are dozens that don’t. All signs point to Aaron Carpenter being one of the lucky ones. Instead of rushing out music, the 20-year-old has taken the time to learn his craft and discover a fully-fledged sound. That dedication should pay off when his debut single, “Attitude” drops on Friday (March 22) via Capitol Records.

Aaron revealed the black-and-white cover art on social media earlier today to a predictably rapturous response from his millions of followers. He also tagged an impressive bunch of collaborators in the post. The Shreveport, LA native co-wrote the R&B-leaning pop anthem with Scott Harris, SG Lewis and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. That’s quite the lineup of talent and suggests the imminent arrival of a bop! Check out the cover of Aaron’s debut single below.

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