MARINA’s ‘LOVE + FEAR’ Takes Shape With “Orange Trees”

Mike Wass | March 22, 2019 12:01 am

UPDATE: The sun-dappled “Orange Trees” video has arrived. Watch MARINA in action in the summery delight below!

Marina Unveils 'LOVE + FEAR'
The British pop star has unveiled the cover & tracklist of 4th LP, 'LOVE + FEAR.'

A concept album of sorts, MARINA’s LOVE + FEAR is split into distinct halves — one bursting with romance, the other steeped in the shadows of anxiety. As such, it has been hard to get a feel for the project. “Handmade Heaven” is a serene ode to inner peace, while “Superstar” is a loved-up banger. The album’s next buzz track, “Orange Trees,” falls somewhere in the middle. “I can see the flowers and the greenery, I take a breath of air — I feel free,” the Brit sings over Jakob Jerlström and OZGO’s pretty synths. “Was busy chasing happiness, when all I needed was a little peace.”

The song really takes flight on the dreamy chorus. “Flowers in my hair, I belong by the sea,” MARINA coos. “Where we used to be, sitting by the orange trees.” It’s achingly lovely and definitive proof that the 33-year-old doesn’t need to be in the depths of despair to make great pop music. The video for “Orange Trees” arrives at 10am PST tomorrow (March 22) and finds the raven-haired songstress enjoying exquisite scenery and taking a stroll along the beach. LOVE + FEAR arrives on April 26. Listen to the latest cut below.

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