Maggie Lindemann Explores A Hot New Sound On “Friends Go”

Mike Nied | March 22, 2019 12:05 am

Maggie Lindemann is rapidly establishing herself as one of pop’s most consistent rising stars. Since finding viral success with 2016’s “Pretty Girl,” the 20-year-old has continually wowed us. Not only that, she highlights her creative range with each new release. After the dreamy production of “Things” and sunny beats on “Obsessed,” she broke new ground with a pair of equally striking tracks last year – the eerie “Human” and otherworldly “Would I.” Her latest material also introduced a more confessional side of her musicality. And today (March 22), she returns with one of her best songs yet – “Friends Go.”

Over vibrant flourishes and tropical stylings that would sound right at home on a vintage No Doubt track, Maggie struggles to adjust to reality without her (imaginary) friends. “I miss those late nights. Just you and I up in my bedroom ’til sunrise. Even if I was the only one talking” she sings on the opening lines. Her feeling of loneliness spills over onto the sing-along chorus. “They say that I’m crazy. They took you away. Now I’m all by myself. Where did all my friends go?” The hitmaker shared some insight about her hot new bop in an exclusive quote. “The song feels really me,” she gushed.

“From the guitar to the melodies to the lyrics, it feels so genuine to who I am and my music taste. I feel like when you hear the song, you can see me and vise versa.” Currently on tour with Sabrina Carpenter and chipping away at a full-length debut release (tentatively due out later this year), this is just more evidence of Maggie’s massive potential. Press play on “Friends Go” below!

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