Ashley Tisdale Reveals The Cover Of Comeback LP, ‘Symptoms’

Mike Wass | April 11, 2019 10:05 am
Ashley's 'Love Me & Let Me Go' Video
Ashley Tisdale's comeback continues with electro-pop gem 'Love Me & Let Me Go.'

EDIT: This post has been updated with the full album tracklist (below).

It’s been a long time coming (a decade to be exact), but Ashley Tisdale’s comeback LP finally has a release date. Symptoms arrives on May 3 via Big Noise Music Group and boasts a lovely cover, which finds the “He Said She Said” diva posing in a yellow dress. (The golden crown on her head also didn’t escape our notice). “Symptoms is a very personal record,” the 33-year-old explains in the press release. “From beginning to end it’s a complete journey of what I experienced.”

“Every song title is a symptom I struggled with when facing my anxiety and depression,” she confides. “I’m not scared of these feelings like I used to be, I’m proud of it and I have this album to celebrate my growth.” And so far, it’s shaping up to be an essential listen. “Voices In My Head” set the album’s intimate, introspective tone and showed Ashley’s growth as a songwriter, while “Love Me & Let Me Go” is proof that the singer/actress hasn’t lost her ability to churn out a catchy bop. Revisit those singles below.

The full Symptoms tracklist:

1. Symptoms

2. Looking Glass

3. Love Me & Let Me Go

4. Insomnia

5. Vibrations

6. Under Pressure

7. True Romance

8. Voice In My Head

9. Feeling So Good

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