Double Release! Jesse Saint John Drops “CRYING” & “WHAT DO U LIKE 2”

Mike Nied | March 29, 2019 1:30 pm

Jesse Saint John blesses us with slickly produced pop bangers every time he drops new music. Last year, the 29-year-old stepped into the spotlight and gave solo stardom a shot after working as a songwriter for the likes of Britney Spears (“Love Me Down”) and Camila Cabello (“Something’s Gotta Give”). He kicked things into motion with the release of his vibrant debut single “MOVE.” And the rising star keeps the hits coming. He followed up his debut with a slew of very good songs including “FAKE IT,” “WHAT DO U LIKE” and “WISER.” Yesterday (March 28), he added two more infectious bops to his growing discography. The first of which is a remix of “WHAT DO U LIKE,” aptly titled “WHAT DO U LIKE 2.”

“Some sequels are better than the original,” Jesse teased on Instagram ahead of the release. In this case, he hit the nail on the head. Featuring lil aaron and Ojivolta, the remix transforms the blissful pop delight into something a little more bone-rattling. Built around the original sing-along chorus, the end result is exceptionally fierce and boasts plenty of replay factor. His second new release is the equally memorable “CRYING.” Opening with a fun production, a switch-up sends the beat into an otherworldly dimension. “I feel so much better when I’m crying,” he sings before electronica races in followed by ominous bass.

It will be interesting to see if the pair of tracks make it on the hitmaker’s forthcoming debut EP, don’t stop dancing. life gets sad. While we wait and see, press play on Jesse Saint John’s new tunes below!

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