Shaylen Has A Hit On Her Hands With Breakup Anthem “BTW”

Mike Nied | April 1, 2019 4:03 pm

Rising star Shaylen is on the brink of a major breakthrough. The Dallas, Texas native has been working toward a career in music since she picked up and moved to Los Angeles. While working several jobs, she continued to refine her writing and production skills. Those skills attracted the attention of Republic Records. After signing a deal with the label, she dropped her debut single “El Dorado” to rave reviews last year. And her hot streak continues with her latest release “BTW.” Out Friday (March 29), the song features a message to an ex who did her very wrong. “I burned all your birthday cards, threw your shit out in the yard,” she admits before going in for the kill on the chorus.

How does she drive the message home? By critiquing her former flame’s abilities in the bedroom. “Yeah, you ain’t no porn star baby. Yeah, you are kinda lazy, and I was always faking with you.” That cuts deep. Shaylen opened up about the track in a press release. In doing so, she makes it abundantly clear that she came out on top at the end of the relationship. “Ever hurt yourself trying to make someone better? Ya same… Thank God for my last relationship though, ‘cause that one made me realize that I have SO much to offer, and I shouldn’t put up with someone who thinks he’s the shit, but treats me like shit.”

With any luck, this will be the breakout hit to launch Shaylen to the next level. While we wait and see, press play on “BTW” below!

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