The Most Memorable American Idol Contestants Of All Time And What They’re Up To Today

Matt Graves | February 23, 2023 10:45 am

American Idol is one of the most successful TV programs of all time. When the show debuted more than 10 million people were tuning in every week. Viewers were given the ability to vote for their favorite singers, a format that proved addicting to audiences of all ages.

Despite the original run of the series ending on FOX in 2016, ABC revived the show in 2017. If you were a fan of the show in its heyday, you might remember some of your favorite, or least favorite contestants. This is what they’re doing now.

Melinda Doolittle Has Become A Host For A Few Shows

Melinda Doolittle finished as the third place finalist on the sixth season of the series. Two days after the season finale, Doolittle appeared alongside the other top ten contestants on Larry King Live. She has participated in several episodes of a BlogTalkRadio show called Moments With Melinda.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Malaria No More
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Malaria No More

Since 2011, Melinda has been co-hosting’s weekly American Idol recap web series, Reality Check, with Michael Slezak. Aside from music and talk shows, she wrote about her life in Beyond Me: Finding Your Way to Life’s Next Level.