Robyn Cuts Loose In Ibiza In Her “Between The Lines” Video

Mike Wass | April 3, 2019 11:28 am
Robyn Drops 'Honey'
The Swedish pop star stuns with the title track of her comeback album.

After a (brutal) 8-year absence, Robyn made a glorious return to pop with Honey. While perhaps not as instant or accessible as previous albums, the Swede’s 8th LP rewards patient fans with sprawling bangers and hidden melodies. “Between The Lines” is a perfect example. Not exactly an instant earworm, the subtle hooks and druggy club beats slowly reel you in one listen at a time. A video for the Honey highlight arrives today (April 3) and it finds the 39-year-old cutting loose in Ibiza, Spain.

“Robyn is one of my favorite artists to collaborate with and making this video with her allowed for a lot of playfulness in embracing the extremes of being in a place like Ibiza,” director Cody Critcheloe aka SSION explains. “The aggressive tackiness of tourist culture slapped up against the serene beach vibes.” There’s also a good reason for the clip’s DIY vibe. “We also wanted to keep the edit rude and leave in a lot of the in-camera audio of us giggling, talking and screaming — just a complete disregard for pop music video formalities.”

Watch the video, which was inspired by Wham!’s seminal “Club Tropicana” visual, below.

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