Kassi Ashton Makes A Statement With Powerful “Pretty Shiny Things” Video

Mike Nied | April 3, 2019 4:07 pm

Rising star Kassi Ashton makes a powerful statement with her hauntingly beautiful single “Pretty Shiny Things.” The ballad hits back at unfair expectations placed on girls to hide whatever they’re feeling behind a perfect exterior. “Pretty shiny things, I swear that there’s more to us,” the country hitmaker sings in response to years of ingrained lessons. “Take your makeup off girl. Hold your head high. Let your guard down, don’t be scared to cry. Ain’t nothin’ pretty bout a perfect life.” The evocative release serves as a testament to her impressive lyrical abilities. But it’s also a piece of important social commentary. And the accompanying video makes the message even more poignant.

Out today (April 3), the Kristin Barlowe-directed visual is lush with deeper meaning. In it, Kassi performs the single while sitting on stage surrounded by, well, pretty shining things. But the moody lighting and serious glances give the viewer pause. The “Violins” singer opened up about working on the project in a press release. “In our society, it feels like we’re forced to evaluate our reflection everywhere we turn, always waiting for a confirmation from someone else that we are enough,” Kassi explained in a press release. “Putting that, and something so personal for me, into a visual is a weird task. I wanted it to feel real, not forced. Kristin Barlowe helped me so much in marrying what I wanted artistically with the real emotional monologue.”

Press play on the video below.

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