Austin Mahone Celebrates His Birthday With New Single “Anxious”

Mike Nied | April 5, 2019 12:06 am

Austin Mahone turned 23 yesterday (April 4), and he marked the occasion by gifting us with new music. Last month the hitmaker launched a new era with “Why Don’t We.” Written by Charlie Puth, the retro bop feels like a serious hit. The same can be said for his latest release “Anxious.” Over a catchy production, he seduces a potential lover with some savvy lines. Or, he tries to, at least. There’s just one problem. He can’t work up the courage to deliver those lines when they’re on their own. “Usually I’m cool enough, but usually I don’t see someone that look like they could be the one,” he admits.

He gives it his best shot on the chorus. “I can’t help it. I want you more with every innocent touch. The more I say we’re just friends, the more I wanna explode,” he croons. “Every time we’re alone, I speak but I choke. Can’t say it when it’s just us. Cause you make me so anxious.” Who could say no to that sort of honest charm? But wait, there’s more. Austin also rolled out the accompanying video, and it is a summery affair. In it, the pop star hits the basketball court and the beach, plays a shirtless game of pool and caps things off with a pool party. In all it looks like a pretty perfect day.

Watch the birthday boy celebrate in style in the video and check out his latest anthem below.

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