MARINA Unveils Timely & Compelling “To Be Human” Video

Mike Wass | April 8, 2019 1:50 pm
MARINA's 'Orange Trees' Video
The UK pop star's 'LOVE + FEAR' album takes shape with the lovely 'Orange Trees.'

Last week, MARINA surprised fans by releasing the first half of her LOVE + FEAR opus. And, as expected, it’s a breathtaking collection of calming, blissful pop. While every song is essential listening, “To Be Human” stands out as an instant highlight. Not only because the Joel Little-produced bop is poetic, catchy and uplifting, but also due to its immense scope. “The subject matter is really important, it talks about unity,” the UK pop star explained in a video posted to social media.

“I wanted to create this picture of humanity, because in our political climate we are constantly being made to see other people as ‘other.’ If you’re from a different culture, you’re seen as different and potentially dangerous and I really hate that,” MARINA continued. “So I wrote this song really thinking about that and for that reason it really forms a core part of the record.” That missive really comes through in the compelling video, which features documentary footage that captures humanity at its best (and worst). Watch up top.

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