Fantasy & Reality Collide In Audien & Echosmith’s “Favorite Sound” Video

Mike Wass | April 8, 2019 6:32 pm
The Drop: Audien & Sigrid
Your guide to the best of New Music Friday featuring gems from Audien and Sigrid.

Audien and Echosmith have a club hit on their hands with “Favorite Sound.” (Number 12 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart and climbing). While the song sounds euphoric thanks to the producer’s dreamy electro-house production, it tackles a rather serious subject matter. Namely, the constant struggle to filter out the negative thoughts that bounce around our heads. The collaborators capture both sides of the banger in the Drew Kirsh-directed visual. “This video is an escape from reality, and a really fun juxtaposition to the very true and dark truth of the song,” Audien explains.

“The ‘Favorite Sound’ video serves as a reminder that you need to consciously ‘wash out’ the bad stuff (anxiety, depression, sadness etc.) and let it go,” Echosmith’s frontwoman Sydney Sierota adds. “You can do that in a lot of different ways, but doing what I love, playing with our band, has always been a great way of doing that for me.” Another option, it seems, is doing laundry. In the video, Sydney drops by the coolest laundromat on the planet and ends up at a rave. Or is it all just in her head? Watch up top.

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