Is A Taylor Swift & Adele Collaboration On The Way?

Mike Nied | April 9, 2019 5:56 pm

By now it is pretty common knowledge that both Adele and Taylor Swift are working on material for new albums. Last year the “Hello” superstar sparked rumors about plans to drop a follow-up to 25 before the end of 2019. Meanwhile, fans have been going crazy over a series of posts the “Delicate” diva shared on Instagram. If you ask them, they are clues that a new era is coming any day now. Granted, Swifties do have good reason to expect something on the horizon. Taylor did tease new music when she inked a deal with Universal Music Group last year. So, we know something is coming on both fronts. However, today (April 9) a new rumor is making its rounds that the duo are working on new music together.

Where does the rumor come from? Adele has been spending a good deal of time in New York City recently. And she hasn’t spent all of it exploring gay bars with Jennifer Lawrence, either. She’s been photographed going in and out of studios including Electric Lady. And according to Hollywood Pipeline, the Brit also made time to hang out with Taylor. Not only that, but a witness said Adele had a load of recording equipment dropped off at Tay’s home while they were together. This leads to speculation they are working on something. Granted, nothing is official yet. But could you imagine what a collaboration between the two would sound like? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely intrigued. Read the rest of the report here and revisit a classic from both icons below!

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