Rixton Rebrands As push baby, Drops Their Best Single To Date

Mike Wass | April 9, 2019 5:54 pm
Rixton's 'Hotel Ceiling' Video
UK pop/rockers Rixton roll out a video for new single, 'Hotel Ceiling.'

Rixton is no more. The pop/rockers, who landed an international smash with “Me And My Broken Heart” in 2014, have rebranded as push baby. And their name isn’t the only thing that has changed. Jake Roche & Co. have also overhauled their sound — as evidenced by new single, “mama’s house.” This is a rollicking, all-too relatable account of a bird that hasn’t quite left the nest. Yet. While the band now leans more alt, they haven’t lost their knack for big, booming choruses and catchy hooks.

“I’m grateful every day you let me stay without paying my way,” Jake sings in verse. “Right now, I can’t afford it, but I swear to God one day I’m gonna pay the mortgage.” The track also includes references to former tour mate Ed Sheeran and pokes fun at the fleeting nature of celebrity. It all comes together in sing-along chorus. “I’m still here living at my mama’s house, sleeping on my mama’s couch,” the newly-blond frontman croons. “I’m still here tryna get the girls around, but we find a way to work it out.” Watch push baby in action below.

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