Anna Of The North Longs For Simpler Times On “Used To Be”

Mike Wass | April 10, 2019 2:06 pm
Anna Of The North's 'Baby' Video
Anna Lotterud (her real name) drops a cool and quirky video for rising hit 'Baby.'

Anna Of The North has carved out a distinct niche in the music world with her sparse, melancholy synth-pop. The Norwegian’s debut LP, Lovers, racked up more than 100 million streams, and she landed a surprise viral hit with the title track when it was featured in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. As such, expectations are sky-high for her sophomore set… which is shaping up to be rather great if “Leaning On Myself” and new single, “Used To Be,” are any indication. The latter dropped today (April 10) and it’s a mellow ode to a time before social media.

“[The song] is a reminder [of] when we were young and didn’t worry about superficial things that often take too much of our attention these days,” Anna Lotterud (her real name) explains. “People obsessing over alternative realities. Forgetting that life is here and now. I’m afraid that one day I’ll wake up old and sad realizing I spent my entire life staring into a screen wanting to have or be someone I’m not,” she continues. “Let’s just go and throw a ball at the wall together and appreciate each other for a second.”

The video, which also arrived today, captures one of life’s simple pleasures. Namely, pet ownership! Watch the dog grooming-themed video below.

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