Bea Miller & 6LACK’s Cosmic “it’s not u it’s me” Video Preaches Self-Love

Mike Wass | April 11, 2019 1:24 pm
Bea Miller's 'it's not u it's me'
The pop star teams up with 6LACK for a stone-cold bop called 'it's not u it's me.'

Bea Miller really comes into her own on “it’s not u it’s me.” Produced by Mike Sabath and co-written with prolific hitmaker Justin Tranter, the slinky bop conveys the 20-year-old’s bad-ass personality in a fresh and authentic way. The addition of a rap feature could have felt forced, but 6LACK’s verse only heightens Bea’s message of self-care and self-love. The odd couple come together for the video, which reflects those themes — albeit it a cosmic, lighthearted way.

“I wanted this video to represent that learning to respect and prioritize yourself comes through trial and error, but also that in order to do that you can’t take yourself too seriously,” Bea explains. “It’s difficult not to be self-critical if you can’t laugh at your mistakes, which is why this video is so playful.” The clip, which was directed by Pilar Zeta and Jimmy Edgar, finds our heroine calling an intergalactic helpline (of sorts) and traveling to a different, much more glamorous dimension.

On her return, Bea gets a visit from 6LACK in the form of a guardian angel. It’s a fun, pastel-hued ride with an important message. Watch below. The pop star is supporting the single with her first-ever headline tour, which kicks off in St. Paul on April 23. See all the tour dates and get tickets here.

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