Did Iggy Azalea Reveal Her ‘In My Defense’ Album Tracklist?

Mike Nied | April 15, 2019 4:38 pm

Things are looking very good for Iggy Azalea right now. The Aussie rapper launched a new era with the unveiling of her current single “Sally Walker.” The ferocious banger made a strong debut on the Billboard Hot 100 and is still pulling respectable numbers on streaming services. Not only that, but it benefited from an appropriately fierce performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month. All things considered, anticipation is sky-high to hear the rest of the 28-year-old’s forthcoming new album. Called In My Defense, the hitmaker has provided a wealth of updates about it on her very iconic social media accounts.

And it looks like over the weekend she may have unveiled yet another update – the collection’s tracklist. In a video posted to her Instagram story, clever fans noticed a sheet in the background that appears to include the album’s title and an apparent list of songs. Several titles we are already familiar with are in the mix. Those include what appears to be the LP’s next single “Started” and “Freak Of The Week.” In an interview with AT40, she referred to the latter as the “atomic bomb of the album.” Meanwhile on Twitter she teased the video for the former.

These appear alongside other iconic-sounding options including “Fuck It Up,” “Thanks I Get” and the eternally relatable “I Just Wanna Fuck.” So far Iggy hasn’t commented on if this is the legit tracklist. However, seeing the potential only makes me infinitely more excited to hear everything that she has been working on. Check out the alleged list below while we wait for more news about the album.

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