New Find: Brother Leo’s “Shine” Is As Catchy As It Is Relatable

Mike Wass | May 13, 2019 11:00 am

Edit: The post has been updated with Brother Leo’s suitably sunny “Shine” video.

Brother Leo is the new moniker of Swedish pop star Ola Svensson. (Scandipop fans will fondly remember songs like “Sky’s The Limit,” “Overdrive” and “All Over The World”). After taking a little break to focus on songwriting for other artists, the 33-year-old relaunched last year with “Push Up.” And promptly landed a viral hit. He backed that up with the Fatboy Slim-produced “Strangers On An Island” and now makes it three gems in a row with the instantly catchy, immensely relatable “Shine.”

“I’m so sick of Monday, Tuesday, three more days til Friday,” he sings on the chorus. “Wednesday, Thursday, wonder when it’s my day to shine.” The track was produced by Elof Loelv and sets the tone for Brother Leo’s upcoming album. “[It was] the first song I wrote,” the Swede explains. “In a way, it was also the birth of what would become Brother Leo. I was in a pretty dark place when this song came to life. The writing process out to be quite therapeutic and became a turning point for me, both personally and creatively.” Listen to “Shine” below.

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