Morgan Saint’s “God Bless Our Souls” Is A Synth-Pop Treasure

Mike Wass | April 26, 2019 8:00 am

UPDATE: Morgan Saint unveiled her hauntingly beautiful “god bless our souls” video. Check it out below.

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At a time when originality is in short supply, Morgan Saint exudes it from every pore of her (possibly extraterrestrial) body. The breakout star tackled themes of love, loneliness and identity on 17 HERO and ALIEN. The EPs, which really should be listened back-to-back for full impact, showcase the Long Island native’s breathy vocals, knack for raw, emotional honesty and love of alt-leaning electronica. Those characteristics also shine through on her new single, “God Bless Our Souls.”

As usual, Morgan is preoccupied with matters of the heart. “Do you know that you make me cry like four times a week?” she asks at the beginning of the song over piano keys. “Didn’t see it when I met you but now I’m in way too damn deep.” The song transforms from a ballad into a synth-odyssey when the “On Fire” singer grapples with her own insecurities on the chorus. “Am I enough? Is it in my head? Did we fuck this up? Will I end up dead?” Morgan ponders over Cameron Hale’s epic production. “God bless our souls.” Listen to the dreamy, delicate gem below.

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