One Billion Views! Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” Hits Major Milestone

Mike Nied | April 24, 2019 6:10 pm

Miley Cyrus has achieved quite a bit over the course of her career. The hitmaker dropped several chart-topping albums, topped the Billboard Hot 100 and amassed a slew of awards and streaming numbers. Now she can check one more accomplishment off the list. Today (April 24) the 26-year-old reached one billion views on her “Wrecking Ball” video. Yes, that is billion with a “b.” And it makes sense. The opus spawned some of the most iconic imagery of 2013. In it, she swings naked on a wrecking ball, licks a hammer and captures the devastating effects of love. The Terry Richardson-directed release picked up a Video Music Award for Video Of The Year in 2014 and clearly remains very beloved to this day.

Interestingly, despite being one of the most unforgettable moments from her career, it doesn’t rank as a favorite for Miley. “That’s something you can’t take away, swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever,” she lamented during an interview in 2017. “I’m never living that down,” she continued. “I will always be the naked girl on the wrecking ball.” As if that wasn’t enough, she later told a contestant on The Voice that it ranked as one of the most “embarrassing” things she’d ever done. Ouch. That being said, the video definitely lives on as a highlight of her magnificent Bangerz era and remains a fan favorite. With any luck, the “Drive” diva will come up with something equally exceptional for her new album.

While we wait to see, revisit the brilliant work of art below.

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