Madonna & Maluma’s “Medellín” Video Is An Act Of Rebellion

Mike Wass | April 24, 2019 5:10 pm

Before the premiere of “Medellín” on MTV, Madonna answered a couple of questions in a live stream beamed around the world. Looking resplendent in a sexy ensemble, complete with eye patch, grill and riding crop, the Queen of Pop took umbrage when host Trevor Nelson praised her early work for breaking the rules. The pop icon reminded him that she is still breaking them, and then went on to prove it with her lavish visual. Make no mistake. “Medellín” is as much a raised middle finger at ageists, misogynists and assorted other haters, as it is a gorgeous work of art.

Directed by Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó, the clip begins as a nod to “Like A Prayer.” Madonna kneels down and prays, before fleeing the church in a scene that is reminiscent of her 1989 classic. Things get very weird and very wonderful from there. Our heroine holds a dance class and immediately sets her sights on Maluma, who looks only too happy to be eye candy. They indulge in a little cha cha and eventually end up in bed. In an extremely gif-able moment, the 60-year-old sucks his toe. As she noted in the Q&A, she is completely unburdened by fucks at this point in her life.

Before you know it, the collaborators are riding horses through the wilderness and making out at their wedding. Yes, Madame X is a bride! The video is a wild celebration, but also a potent reminder that Madonna will not allow anybody to dictate how she looks, behaves or expresses herself. Strap yourself in and watch “Medellín” up top. Fingers crossed, the visual has the intended effect — to provoke, entertain and expose hypocrisy. Madame X arrives on June 14 (you can pre-order it here) and is shaping up to be the living legend’s most vital album in years.

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