These Chart Topping Hit Songs Have Wildly Misinterpreted Lyrics

Laura Martin | April 24, 2019 8:07 pm

Song lyrics open the doors for several different interpretations. Sometimes, listeners don’t pay close enough attention to what’s being sung and base their assumptions off of the beat or melody. Other times, no matter how hard fans scrutinize the verses, they still completely miss the mark; like when John Hughes based an entire movie around misinterpreting one song. You may have heard these songs hundreds of times and never realized what the artist was trying to say. Do you know the true meanings behind these hit songs?

“Rock The Casbah” Was About The Iranian Music Ban

The Clash in a supermarket 1979 Rock the Casbah misunderstood lyrics

The Clash’s rock classic “Rock The Casbah” only appeared political to fans who scrutinized the lyrics carefully. Even so, fans may not have registered all the meaning. Surprisingly, The Clash wrote the song as a response to the 1979 music ban in Iran, instated by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Frontman Joe Strummer mentioned in a radio interview that he began writing the song after hearing about the violent punishments issued for playing music in Iran. He attempted to translate his feelings about fanaticism in “Rock The Casbah.” “There’s no tenderness or humanity in fanaticism,” Strummer said.