Premiere: Bluebiird’s “Sailor” Is A Dreamy Song About New Beginnings

Mike Wass | April 25, 2019 12:00 pm

Emily Osment made a welcome return to the music scene in March with a mellow, semi-acoustic track called “Black Coffee Morning.” Released under the moniker Bluebiird, it showcased both her honey-dipped vocals and (unexpected) knack for writing emotionally resonant lyrics. The 27-year-old picks up where she left off on the dreamy, vulnerable “Sailor.”

“Sailor was born out of madness,” Bluebiird reveals. “I first wrote this song back in 2014. I was desperately trying to cope with the feeling that something was very wrong in my life… it wasn’t one thing, it was me and the people I was surrounding myself with.” That realization galvanized the singer/actress, and inspired her to start over. “My life felt like a factory producing the same sad girl every morning, and I needed to burn that thing down.”

“In a state of emergency there are no rules, just grab whatever is closest to you and run,” she continues. “Separate yourself from people who don’t see your light, let them go on to sail their own oceans… don’t fight to keep someone who is already walking.” Emily expresses those sentiments on “Sailor” via a series of metaphors. “Someone’s telling lies in the factory, I can hear ticking down the line,” the multi-hyphenate coos over dreamy synths. “Feels mean like gasoline, kill the bad wolf and all his sheep.”

That leads us to chorus, which conveys the despair that often accompanies radical change. “Oh sailor, don’t you know you’re all alone? I fought and I lost, I trusted but you’re gone,” the former Hannah Montana star and “Let’s Be Friends” hitmaker sings on the chorus. “Did you ever mean to be so mean? These words bring me to my knees.” If you love beautifully crafted folk-pop with a smattering of synths, this demands your full attention. We’re very excited to premiere “Sailor” below.

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