Jessie J & Don Diablo Pair Up On Rousing Anthem “Brave”

Mike Nied | May 8, 2019 6:00 am

UPDATE: Jessie J and Don Diablo unveiled a video for “Brave.” Watch it below.

It’s time for the world to show Jessie J some respect. Sure, the big-voiced diva has had a few misses over the years. Who hasn’t? But when she gets things right, the end result is very hot. And no matter what, she refuses to give up. That sense of resilience comes across on her latest single – “Brave”. Out today (April 26), it sees her link up with Don Diablo for a genre-blending mega-anthem. Laying her voice over supersized beats, the song acts as a promise to never back down. “Some things may get in my way, but I know I’ll be ok,” she vows. Everything builds up to the empowering, sing-along chorus. “I’m brave. Even when the fear is staring in my face. Oh, I’m brave.”

Don shared some insight into how the collab came together in a press release. “I had always wanted to work with Jessie, but I also know she doesn’t often feature on other people’s records. So, it felt like I needed to wait for the right moment,” he explained. “‘Brave’ was that moment. I simply couldn’t imagine anybody else bringing across the message of this song better than she could.” Meanwhile, the “Domino” hitmaker opened up about what drew her to the song. “After hearing the lyrics to “Brave” I immediately wanted be part of this great song and message. There is nothing about this song that doesn’t make you feel something or want to dance!” I couldn’t agree more.

Give the single a listen below and let us know what you think.

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