Tune! Aly & AJ Return With New Single “Don’t Go Changing”

Mike Nied | April 26, 2019 4:54 pm

Aly & AJ haven’t let us down once since relaunching in 2017. Not only that, but they’ve certainly found their niche. No one does alt-driven synth pop quite the same way. The Michalka sisters showcased their newfound sound on last year’s Ten Years EP. And they’ve clearly been inspired lately. Why do I say that? Because they’re gearing up to drop a new EP called Sanctuary next month. The collection arrives May 10 and is looking like a win based on the quality of its singles thus far. Lead single “Church” is one of their best songs in years. And today (April 26), they continue their hot streak with their latest – “Don’t Go Changing.”

Another synth-pop delight, this one is all about encouraging your loved ones to stay true to themselves. “Don’t go changing on me, babe,” they urge. “Who ever told you you’re not good enough?” The sisters opened up about the song in an exclusive statement. “This track is about love and acceptance. The most wonderful thing to hear from someone you love is that there is nothing they want you to change about yourself,” they explained. “Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and a song like this reminds us to just own who we are. Consider it the new and improved version of a past song of ours called No One. ;)” How about that for some truth tea?

Press play on “Don’t Go Changing” below.

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