Ben Platt Poses For ‘Fault’ Magazine, Talks ‘Sing To Me Instead’

Mike Wass | May 2, 2019 1:53 pm
Ben Platt's 'Sing To Me Instead'
The Broadway star introduces his debut LP with a soaring piano ballad called 'Bad Habit.'

Ben Platt strikes a pose for Fault magazine, looking seriously stylish in a series of washed-out, largely monochromatic pics. In addition to getting his supermodel on, the 25-year-old also opened up about his debut LP, Sing To Me Instead. For starters, he spoke out writing brutally honest lyrics. “I knew that I wanted to sing about certain topics which appear on the album,” the Dear Evan Hansen star revealed. “I think coming from the theatre I’m used to music being a form of communication so I wasn’t scared of using it as a form of tackling certain things.”

“It was more so the lead up to release that the fear set in in line with the reality of the situation,” Ben continues. “But that was the whole point of doing the pop album of original songs and not just covers, it was about showing the public a side of myself that I don’t get the chance to show as an actor because I’m able to speak to different people and share my own persona which was only going to happen if I went out on a whim and showed true transparency with my audience.” That wasn’t the only hurdle he faced while creating the album.

“I needed to decide if I should do a softer singer-songwriter approach but then I didn’t want to throw away all of the technical singing knowledge I’d accrued from working in musical theatre,” the breakout star explains. “Deciding on what songs made it into the album, in the end, was finding which ones sat in that middle area.” Read the full interview here and click through the suave shoot up top.

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