Christina Perri Returns With Honest Ballad “Tiny Victories”

Mike Nied | May 8, 2019 6:00 am

UPDATE: Christina Perri unveiled a video in support of “tiny victories,” which features footage from the HBO documentary FOSTER. “‘tiny victories’ music video is here,” she wrote on YouTube. “it features all the beautiful and amazing people that share their stories in the documentary FOSTER airing TONIGHT (may 7) on HBO. it’s such an important, powerful & truthful story about the foster care system.” Watch it below.

Christina Perri adds her voice to this week’s New Music Friday with the release of “Tiny Victories.” Since debuting with “Jar Of Hearts,” the 32-year-old has proven to possess the Midas Touch when it comes to gorgeous balladry. Think “A Thousand Years” and “Human,” for instance. And her latest is up there with some of her best work. Written alongside Adrianne “AG” Gonzalez, the honest single deals with finding strength in overcoming even the smallest obstacles. “Some days I look in the mirror, and I think the meanest things. All the meanest things. Some days I’m holding my self-worth up by a string,” she admits. However, there’s a twist.

“Every day that I don’t hide myself away, to me, is a tiny victory,” Christina sings. She takes it a step further on the chorus. “And if battles can win a war, I can keep picking my sword up off the floor. And learn to treasure these tiny victories.” She opened up about the release in an Instagram post. As it turns out, the track was written for a documentary called FOSTER. “The song is about overcoming something standing in your way, when sometimes it can look very small, but only you know how important the victory is. those are the moments that change our lives,” she explained. The hitmaker added more about how “Tiny Victories” came together.

“AG and i were both pregnant when we wrote this song, experiencing many struggles, insecurities and challenges that we had to overcome just to get out of bed and show up for our lives. ‘tiny victories’ encompasses every truth we have & i hope it speaks to the subject matter of this powerful film – that triumph comes in all forms; it’s all meaningful, it’s all a victory!” Sounds like an essential reminder. Give the single a listen below.

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