A Comeback! Shakespears Sister To Return With “All The Queens Horses”

Mike Wass | May 7, 2019 1:41 pm

Well, here’s a sentence I didn’t expect to be writing in 2019: Shakespears Sister is making a comeback! The UK/US duo, comprised of Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit, first landed a top 10 UK hit with “You’re History” in 1989. They broke worldwide in 1992, however, when “Stay” topped the charts around the globe and climbed all the way to number four on the Billboard Hot 100. And then, after releasing the most successful album of their career, the ladies went their separate ways until their first reunion in 2004.

Several albums followed, but Shakespears Sister has been on hiatus since 2013. That will come to an end on May 15 when “All The Queens Horses” hits iTunes and streaming platforms. It’s one of two new tracks on the duo’s upcoming greatest hits album, Singles Party (due July 19). “Neither of us wanted to go into it if there was anything apart from friendship and unity,” Siobhan says of the reunion. “I realized what a perfect writing partner she is for me… there’s some sort of weird fusion of energies that feels fated.”

“There was no stopping this,” Marcella concurs. “It was like this snowball that just kept on gathering more and more speed.” Shakespears Sister will promote the album with a string of UK tour dates. See the tracklist of the standard edition below. There’s also a deluxe version that comes with a bonus disc of remixes and rarities. You can pre-order both here. Oh, and revisit the magic of “Stay” at the bottom of the post.

Singles Party tracklist:

1 – Break My Heart (remastered)

2 – Heroine (remastered)

3 – You’re History (remastered)

4 – Run Silent (remastered)

5 – Dirty Mind (remastered)

6 – Stay (remastered)

7 – I Don’t Care (remastered)

8 – Goodbye Cruel World (remastered)

9 – Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (remastered)

10 – My 16th Apology (remastered)

11 – I Can Drive (remastered)

12 – Bitter Pill (remastered)

13 – Pulsatron (remastered)

14 – Bad Blood (remastered)

15 – It’s A Trip (remastered)

16 – All The Queen’s Horses

17 – C U Next Tuesday

18 – Stay (acoustic version) (remastered)

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