Should Have Been Bigger: Christina Aguilera’s “Let There Be Love”

Mike Nied | May 7, 2019 2:54 pm

Christina Aguilera really went through it during the Lotus era. Things seemed to be looking up for her as she readied the album for release in 2012. After stumbling on the charts with 2010’s Bionic (#JusticeForBionic, but that’s another story), anticipation was high for her return. However, things didn’t go according to plan. Despite tapping Swede-pop masterminds and human hit machines Max Martin and Shellback for lead single “Your Body,” the track failed to pick up momentum. And that trend continued for all of the LP’s follow-up singles. It was especially true for Martin and Shellback’s second contribution – “Let There Be Love.”

After the icy production on Bionic singles like “Not Myself Tonight” and “Woohoo,” “Let There Be Love” signified a wholesale return to her warmest pop roots. The anthem is just under three and a half minutes of loved-up euphoria. “Let there be, let there be love. Here in the, here in the dark,” the diva belts over vibrant house beats. “Turnin’ me, turnin’ me on. Not gonna fight anymore, ’cause I want your touch.” As if you needed any more evidence that Legend X is a tireless advocate for love. An instant favorite on the tracklist, fans practically demanded that the song be released as a single. Thus it was hardly surprising to see it get a music video in late 2013.

Opening with a heartfelt thank you from Xtina, the video celebrates love in all forms. Unfortunately, the feel-good song never had a chance. It should have topped the charts for weeks on end, but it never even made an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100. Now it remains just one of the pop star’s enduring bops that deserved so much more. Revisit the under appreciated gem below.

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