Kim Petras Continues An Impressive Hot Streak With “Blow It All”

Mike Nied | May 9, 2019 12:02 am

UPDATE: “Blow It All” has arrived and is predictably perfect. Press play on the latest from Kim Petras below.

Another week, another new bop from the always impeccable Kim Petras. The 26-year-old has been on a never-ending hot streak since dropping “I Don’t Want It At All” back in 2017. But she’s been particularly busy recently. It all started with the release of her barbed breakup anthem “Broken.” Shortly after our wigs returned from orbit, the diva snatched them again with her rowdy banger “Got My Number” last week. It’s already impossible to pick a favorite between the two, and she’s about to make things even more complicated with the release of a third song. Today (May 8) she announced her latest single “Blow It All.” Get ready for the best part: It drops tonight.

Kim started teasing the release with a cryptic tweet yesterday. “I’m jus over here minding my own business not acting suss at all deff nothin special happening anytime soon low key vibes keepin it chill,” she wrote. After that she left us hanging until this morning, when she officially broke the news. Along with the title, she shared a brief snippet. Opening with a lush production, the video ends with an icy “woo ah.” I’m already slayed. With any luck, this is more evidence that the rising pop princess is gearing up to drop a full-length album in the very near future. After last year’s spooky Turn Off The Light, Vol. 1 mixtape and a slew of perfect singles, anticipation is high for more material from pop’s new savior.

Check out the “Blow It All” teaser below and keep an eye on this post. We’ll get it updated once the official audio arrives.

“Blow It All”

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